How videos are the best performing ads

The fast pace of life has substantially decreased the attention span of an individual. Leaflets, brochures, pamphlets etc. need a lot of time to be read and understood, but visual ads and storytelling can reach audiences within seconds. Images are processed faster than words because 100 billion neurons of our brain require only 20-30 milliseconds to process visual stimuli. Excellent ad agencies such as Picture Book Films can be approached for a visual brainstorming experience that might only take a few hours to reach the audience.

Social media has an extensive reach and the stats to prove it. Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram etc. are platforms other than television that help brands connect with buyers and customers. A recent study states that 8 billion people watch videos on Facebook every day. Moreover, it is also proved that a 6 second Youtube video can lift sales by at least 30%. A visual advertisement on Instagram receives 3x more comments than text or photos.

These are some facts to prove the worth of visual advertisements.

Visual ads can be further simplified for better understanding.

  1. Colour

Colours are a source of attraction for every individual. Visual ads inculcate a lot of hues to lend a positive vibe and enhance the mood of a customer. Colours also influence the shopping moods of a customer. Some popping shades can instantly make one spend extra money. Besides, colours also help in brand recall and help convert leads to sales.

  1. Reach

Evolution of the internet has created an enormous marketplace. All social media sites are fertile platforms for a brand to flourish. The audience is humongous. People of all age groups, who are on social media or watch television, are target customers. Visual ads mostly tend to tell a story. It is impossible to skip them if they are spectacular from the very beginning.

  1. Diversity

Language and culture differences are of no bar when a visual ad is impeccable. They can pass on the message even if the language is not understood by the viewer. Some ads educate people of varied cultures and also are spun around a noble cause. These are highlights that attract people and induce them to buy a product because it has a good reason.

  1. Time Span

The maximum time needed to view a visual ad is 6 seconds. This short period does deliver a lot of information regarding the products or services marketed by the brand. Whereas, it might take at least 10 – 15 minutes to read a leaflet containing all the information. Moreover, there are also restrictions on the page and word limits in-text advertisements.

  1.    Visibility

A visual ad shows all the minute details of a product along with various uses and the features. Viewers can be highly impressed by this factor since a 360° view on a virtual platform can seem like direct vision. This can increase the trust of the customer in the product and convince him to buy it. Print media can only showcase a picture which might not be as convincing as the visual advertisement.

  1. Storytelling

Don’t you also find solace in Youtube videos when the world seems exceptionally depressing? This behaviour is captured beautifully by ad agencies. The ideas conceived are translated into mind-boggling ads. Some of them seem to highlight the exact mood of the viewer and drive him to buy the product for a specified result. Video Ads can transform buyer behaviour and mentality in the direction of the product.

  1. Instant Results

Visual ads are beautifully woven stories that compel viewers to invest in a specific product or service. The users can instantly click on the ads to view the website of the brand. Once there, potential customers can purchase products and services seamlessly. Leaflets or brochures do not have this quality, and there are high chances that a viewer may change his/ her mind. The visual ads, on the other hand, do not spare enough time to rethink.

  1. Viral content

Viral content is the fastest reaching video content currently. Popular videos can go viral and reach a high number of potential customers. Social media can spread a video within seconds. This humongous reach can help generate more customers and also create an active user base at the brands’ website. More viewers will equal to more subscribers and eventually a broader audience.

Watching a video is a soothing experience that has been altered by marketing maestros into selling their products. Choosing the right person to create an ad is the prime investment one makes while branding.

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What type of security is available?

It’s not just an excellent concept to have a house safety scheme in the world today, it’s crucial. Every year in the United Kingdom, there are more than two million burglaries. You don’t want an opportunity to be one of the unfortunate people.

It can get overwhelming rather rapidly when you look at the various alternatives on the market for these safety devices. Let’s look at the different kinds of home security systems available and break them down into pieces that are easy to comprehend.

This article will assist you in choosing a quality system for you and your house while away or on a trip.


Things to keep in mind before buying a security system for your home:

  1.    Types of available home alarm monitoring systems
  2.    Professional vs DIY alarm installation for your home
  3.    Technology and home automation capabilities
  4.    Previous customer experience and support
  5.    System packages according to your budget
  6.    Always opt for a reputed brand

It can be a daunting job to decide between distinct kinds of alarm systems. There are many house alarm firms out there — and the sector is still growing. We conducted a study on what to think when selecting an alarm system to save you the headache and time.


Local alarm

The most basic type of alarm system you can get is a local alarm system. They include detectors that you put on your windows, doors, and gates. The sensors, comparable to wired and wireless devices, have two components. The only distinction is that they do not effectively have a control panel connection. They’re personalized. Motion detectors may also be included in a local alarm and also give security assured in London. The idea is straightforward. An alarm sounds when the circuit is breached. The noise of the signal simply emerges from the sensor itself.


Wired alarm systems

Wired alarm systems are a traditional choice, now conventional for several years. A control panel, wired sensors, and motion detectors are included in this form of security. Also connected, are the cameras involved with this system. The alarm starts when someone or something is going through the house uninvited. If the signal is controlled, the surveillance firm may attempt to contact the proprietor of the home or business as well as emergency services.


CCTV cameras

The CCTV systems operate very much like the wired alarm system. The most significant distinction is the lack of cables. The alarm sounds when a sensor or motion detector leaves. If the order is controlled, it is possible to notify you and the authorities of any potential intruders. Naturally, the details rely on the surveillance supplier you have selected and the plan you have in place. Even when wireless, the cameras can be purchased with a wired system as well.


An unmonitored home security system

Unmonitored security depends on you, or someone close to your home to warn emergency officials. Audible and visual alarms are activated with an unmonitored scheme whenever your device is hit, but no notification is given to a surveillance centre for dispatching assistance.

Unmonitored systems are typically less expensive than controlled systems. Unmonitored security plans, however, do not provide the same amount of security as supervised devices. The reason for this is, if you have alarm warnings sent straight to the mobile, you may not be able to react because of poor cell reception, or because you are away from your mobile.


Video door phones

If there was no need to get up and answer the door, how comfortable would life be? Video door phones make life comfortable with their home settings video intercom plan. Now you do not have to run to the door to check on unwanted people, as with video door phones, you can straightaway check for intruders or friendly faces from your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and so on.


Access control

By installing premium safety devices, you can control unwanted visitors, unidentified people, and unknown components at home or the office. Limit access by access control to individuals with this intelligent security system.

Access controls are automatic surveillance facilities where visitors do not go unnoticed, making security strict, and offer security assured in London. This device has introduced the most sophisticated access control systems in the UK, offering control plans with appealing characteristics.

When you go to bed at night, you’ll be at ease. When you go out to work in the afternoon, you’ll feel comfortable. Knowing that your house, friends, and belongings are secure, is an assurance of your peace of mind. Check our list of different security systems and avail the best ones for your home.

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