Same Job, Fresh Eyes – Eye exercises you can do in the office

Eyes are most precious things aren’t they, and increasingly we are spending huge amounts of office time exposing them to glaring screens in one form and another.  We work out in order to keep our bodies healthy, but eye health is something we might not take as seriously.  Here are five straightforward tips to help you do this, even when at work:

1.     Eyes that gaze

During your morning coffee, try to spend a set amount of time staring out of a window before you put your acuvue oasys1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocals in.  Firstly, gaze at an object in the distance; then, on one that is much closer, and finally at one that is in the mid distance.  It’s best to choose a single object, spending two or three minutes each time.  This re-focuses the eyes on their full range, and also has the pleasant effect of getting you out of your immediate office environment, even if only visually.  After ten or so minutes, shut your eyes for a few minutes and you’re done.  Who knows, you might start a trend.  Either that or your colleagues will think you’re losing it!

2.     Eyes that write

Your eye is a muscle like any other and needs to be strengthened.  You can improve your muscle strength by writing invisible letters on a wall.  This is actually one that you can do while in the toilet!  You just need to focus on a wall that’s several feet away.  Use your eyes to write a letter, number or symbol without moving your head at all.  The bigger the shape the greater the work out for your extraocular muscles, and consequently the greater sense of control you will feel over these muscles.  This is probably one that you’re best off doing alone, in case colleagues really start to gossip.

3.     Eyes that roll

Rolling your eyes is deemed rude if you’re an adolescent; however, if you’re a colleague sitting at a desk then it is simply giving your eye muscles a nice stretch.  Begin by looking ahead, keeping your neck straight and shoulders relaxed.  Look to your right and gradually roll your eyes toward the ceiling.  Then, roll your eyes down to the left and then down towards the floor.  Do this for three minutes in both counterclockwise and clockwise directions.  Go for two sets, ten reps each, and see it as a work-out that will help give you some extra pep as you endeavour to be productive in those after-lunch office hours.

4.     Eyes that are massaged

This can be done at the end of a lunch-break, and can help alleviate some of the symptoms of eye strain, pressure, and tension which can develop after staring at a screen all morning.  It will help to reduce dryness, lessen the weeping eyes associated with allergies, and even soothe other ailments such as blepharitis.  Begin by sitting up alert in a chair with your shoulders in a relaxed position.  Next, let your head tilt back whilst keeping your eyes closed.  Put your middle and index finger on each eyelid, then move your left fingers in a counterclockwise direction and your right fingers in a clockwise direction.  Repeat this ten times before you change the direction of the circular motion. Aim to complete a total of three sets of ten reps.  Your eyes will feel refreshed and thankful, after hours at the computer.

5.     Eyes that are hot and cold

This can be done at work.  All you need is some sort of small cloth or even hand-towel which you bring with you to work.  You then simply dunk it in cold water, squeeze, and then apply to your eyes for about one minute.  Rinse, apply more water, but this time place in the microwave for one to two minutes, depending on the microwave’s strength.  Apply this hot towel to your face for the same amount of time and repeat the process a few more times.  The increased blood-flow around your eyes will open up the nasal cavities, stimulate blood-flow, and leave you feeling utterly refreshed and ready for more work.

None of these things is rocket science.  It’s about looking after your eyes, protecting those precious peepers.  Your hands and your eyes are the priceless tools that enable you to make a living.